What is Ethical Hacking? What you need to know to learn Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking? What you need to know to learn Ethical Hacking…

Just hearing the name of hacking, I know why panic is created in our minds. Just hearing the word hacking sounds like you’re going to get into some kind of trouble. As we already know, there are mainly two types of hackers such as: 

  • White hat hacker
  • Black hat hacker

A white hat hacker is basically one who does hacking activities without harming anyone. Ethical hackers earn money by finding system bugs (BUGs) and fixing them with the permission of the authorities.

On the other hand, black hat hackers find errors in the system without the permission of the system authority and enter the system or site without permission and do various types of system damage and steal information. Let’s know all details about hacking and ethical hacking

What is Hacking?

what is ethical hacking attack

Hacking is an illegal attempt to steal or modify a person’s or organization’s confidential information, data, or files against his or her will.

You might be thinking how funny this could be. If you knew the system, maybe you could have a lot of fun with your friends. So?

But you probably have no idea how serious hacking can be. As difficult as hacking can be, it can be just as deadly for a person, organization, or country. You may not know that a hacker is stealing all the information from your computer or mobile phone.

There may be your bank account details, there may be pictures of your personal needs, and much more! Sensitive things that you would be afraid to show or tell someone else easily can be easily stolen from your device by a hacker.

What is Ethical Hacking?

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The Bengali meaning of the word Ethical is ‘moral’ ie ‘lawful’. Ethical hacking means “ethical hacker” or “legitimate hacker”. So it is generally understood that white hat hackers are essentially ethical or ethical hackers!

Many times we see how to hack Facebook id, how to hack wifi password, Facebook hacking software android, how to hack other’s mobile, wifi hack software, bkash account hacking, hack Facebook id with the mobile, hacking tutorial book, hacking I see all the fancy articles with different names like software, etc. Whether hacking is actually taught or not, the point of learning hacking is to harm people.

Moreover, from time to time we see in various newspapers and news that money is being embezzled by hacking bank accounts. Or demanding money through blackmail with all sensitive information through social media hacking etc. These activities are actually black hat hackers. They harm people to achieve their own interests.

Also, they are criminals to the society and country so black hat hackers stay hidden for all time. But if you work as an ethical hacker or white-hat hacker then you can proudly say that you are a legitimate or ethical hacker. And you will have no legal complications and no social condemnation.

How Ethical Hackers Work

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The activities of an ethical hacker are completely different from that of a black hat hacker. A white hat hacker or ethical hacker mainly works to find out the flaws in a system. We know it is a legal offense to enter and take control of a system or network without permission. For this reason, an ethical hacker basically seeks out system flaws with the permission of the authorities. We certainly know that nothing is 100% error-free. Fixing one error leaves many new errors undetected.

However, in order to ensure safety or security, it is imperative that we find and correct any system errors. And this work is basically done by a white hat hacker or ethical hacker. Ethical hackers use their hacking skills to find flaws in a site or system and gain access to the system. But instead of doing any harm to the system, an ethical hacker reports system errors to the authorities and works to fix the problem. Where a black hat hacker uses their hacking skills to find out the flaws in a system and gain access or control of the system and damage the system and steal all the data. 

An ethical hacker, on the other hand, after gaining access or control of a system, reports to the authorities and works to fix the problem. So that the users of the system do not face any loss. Then from all this information, you can understand the difference between a white hat hacker or ethical hacker and other hackers.

What you need to know to learn Ethical Hacking:

Programming Language: First of all to become a hacker one must have complete knowledge of programming language. Having a thorough knowledge of programming languages ​​is one of the characteristics of a hacker.

There are different types of programming languages. Knowing about all kinds of programming languages ​​is most important for a hacker. Because, without the help of programming language, no hacker has the ability to read the processor.

Knowledge of Internet and Search Engines: A hacker needs to have a very good knowledge of Internet and Search Engines. Knowing how to effectively use search engines to gather information is essential. He must know what search engines are, how they work and what are the best search engines in the world.

Linux Operating System: Thirdly, what a real hacker must know is a Linux-based operating system and basic Linux commands.

Patience: Patience is one of the most important qualities of a good and skilled hacker. Patience drives him forward. It takes hours or days to hack any profile or website. Again, to hack any website, several hackers have to work together for several months or several years. So patience is one of the great traits and virtues of hackers.

Networking Skills:   Programming skills and networking skills are essential to become a hacker. Hacking has never been an easy task nor an easy task. But nowadays many people want to become computer and mobile-fixed hackers.

Computer skills: You may have realized by now how important computer skills are. So there is nothing more to say about this separately. But the main and first job of a real hacker is to always have an understanding of different types of software and keep connections with it. That is, keeping abreast of all the software that can help in hacking.

Observation: A good hacker is always a good observer. He observes his target very precisely. To find out the weak point of the target site. A good hacker notices things that seem insignificant to you, and things that you never thought about but real hackers observe everything for their work.

Underestimating the target: A good and skilled hacker never underestimates his target. Due to this, he can use all his intelligence to hack.

Reading Hacking Books: You can never become a hacker by reading books only you can get ideas. Read books, watch tutorials, and most importantly practice. Below is a list of some hacking books for you. Must read books to learn ethical hacking.

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