How to get more views on YouTube

How to get more views on YouTube…

YouTube is the most used popular video-sharing app in recent times. If anyone comes to the second search engine here then it is YouTube. YouTube is so popular nowadays that some of the television–electronic media have given up on it and it has positioned itself above all.

Most people share videos on YouTube to take themselves to unique heights and many share videos just for entertainment. However, most YouTube channels actually make videos primarily for the purpose of income.

If you want to be a successful YouTuber then you must know YouTube Video SEO. If you can’t do YouTube video SEO correctly, you will never be a successful YouTuber. So you must know YouTube video SEO.

In today’s post, I will share with you how you can do YouTube video SEO the right way. So read the post carefully and try to understand. If you have any kind of problem understanding, then surely don’t forget to comment in the comment box below this post.

Today I will discuss in detail the things that must be targeted while doing YouTube video SEO. No need to worry, this post will tell you about how to get more views on YouTube.

How to use keywords with titles

how to get more views on youtube keywords with titles

Always keep in mind what you will make the video about. Have searchable keywords with your video. You should always try to include keywords in your title that are the most searched topics on YouTube to help your video rank faster.

Always try to prepare videos on trending topics. In fact, these days, try to make a video on a topic that people are looking for videos on.

You can see for yourself which keywords your videos are recommended based on. This way, if a person plays a video and your keyword does not match, then you can see that your video is showing below that video.

Click thumbnail

The thumbnail of the video that you will make must be very nice. Someone willingly clicks on your thumbnail to watch the video. But definitely remember not to use any kind of copy thumbnails as this may make your video fall under the Community Guidelines.

When you use thumbnails, you can use Canva to do thumbnail SEO. For Thumbnail SEO, you must give the parent keyword of your video in this thumbnail. You will definitely create a thumbnail that looks compelling to click. The better your thumbnail, the more likely your video will rank.


After uploading the video you must not forget to write the description. Be sure to include your main keywords in the description. Many people forget to do this or what they do is, or they don’t reveal their parent keyword in the description box.

In case of every video upload, you should note the parent keyword in the video description box, YouTube’s algorithm will help them find your video very easily.

Watch time

Pay attention to how long people are watching your video because watch time plays a major role in ranking a video these days. The better the quality of your video, the more interested viewers will be. If you make your video look great but the audio sounds bad, viewers may skip your video.

See your video watch time using your YouTube channel analytics to see how long people are watching your video. Then you try to increase the quality of your video accordingly.

Upload videos and images

To do YouTube video SEO properly you must do off-page SEO at the beginning of uploading videos and images. Don’t do the mistake we always do by changing the title after uploading the video. Rename the video according to your video title and rename the image at the same time.

If you do proper off-page SEO of videos and images clearly, the chances of ranking that video will increase to a great extent.


how to get more views on youtube tag

You must use tags during every video upload. You’ll use tracks that people search for on YouTube. Use keywords related to your video.

Remember not to use any wrong tag as you may fall under YouTube social guidelines. The better you use your tags, the better the video will rank.


During every video upload, you must use hashtags in the video description box and you must create hashtags with your parent keywords. Don’t use too many hashtags. Use a maximum of three hashtags.

Long video SEO

Long videos are good for ranking. So, always try to make long videos. One of the advantages of creating long videos is that your watch time increases very quickly. This greatly increases the chances of your video ranking. You should not act in a way that will offend the viewer.

Use end skin during every video upload. By using the end screen, the viewer will continue to watch other videos from your video, thus ranking your videos very quickly.

We don’t use the end screens for laziness. There are many like this but you have to think that YouTube doesn’t start naturally despite having this option. But they have made a system for video ranking and keeping viewers in mind.

Finally, I hope that today’s how to get more views on YouTube post will be of some use to you. If you want to know more good information about YouTube video SEO then definitely comment us in the comment box. Try to remember that you cannot become a successful YouTuber without YouTube video SEO. So you always try to follow the big YouTube channels to see what kind of tips and tricks they are giving to everyone.

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