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How to use your phone when you’re bored


How to use your phone when you’re bored…

The main key to entering the virtual world is the smartphone in our hands. Over time using the phone may seem boring or annoying. Remember that the phone can be used for many fun and important things as well

Finding extra time on your hands or waiting somewhere annoying? No need to worry, this post will tell you about how to use your phone when you’re bored.

Personalization and Customization

As an operating system, Android offers maximum opportunities for customization and personalization. So you can spend your idle time by moving the phone’s home screen, lock screen, icons, transitions, wallpapers, settings, etc.

There is an opportunity to take customization to the next level by using third-party apps. From the notification bar to the lock screen, almost all features of Android phones are editable.

4 main things How to use your phone when you’re bored

Google Photos is a photo-sharing and photo storage service by Google LLC that is open to everyone. Google Photos is completely free for any Google Photos user, especially those who have a Google or Gmail account. Users can store as many photos as they like. can keep Also, you can store video files. But the photo will be of a maximum of 16 megapixels and the video will be of a maximum 1080p resolution. 

Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the advanced features of Android phones. But many Android users do not utilize this feature. This voice assistant creates reminders, controls other apps, and customizes the phone in a myriad of fun ways.

Google Assistant can be a great companion to pass boring times. You can use it for various tasks, such as playing games or listening to stories. Besides, you can ask Google Assistant any question you want, you can practice new languages.

Photo Editing

Nowadays, clicking photos has become very easy with the advent of smartphones. Not just clicking photos, but editing them in various ways to make the person or people in the photo look better and uploading it on social media has become a trend. Nowadays, many people take photos just to post photos on social media. The reason behind this is that everyone these days has expensive mobile phones with which they can easily take beautiful photos. In boring times you can edit any of your old photos.

Delete unnecessary images

Almost every moment we are taking countless photos and recording videos on smartphones. People no longer delete unnecessary pictures or videos, which fill up the phone’s storage very soon. So when you have time, it can be a wise thing to free up storage by deleting unnecessary pictures and videos from the phone’s gallery. 

Unsubscribe from mailing lists

We receive numerous promotional messages in our email inbox every day, most of which we do not find useful and do not open. Unsubscribe from unnecessary email chains or newsletters by checking these emails at leisure. It will keep your email inbox organized and easily find what you want.

Earn money from YouTube 

The only way to earn money from YouTube is by uploading videos to your YouTube account or channel. Yes, you heard it right, you can earn a lot of money by creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos. And, not just a couple of rupees, people are earning thousands and millions of rupees on YouTube. However, the way to earn from YouTube sounds very simple. From starting a channel to earning money, you have to work hard. YouTube is a platform where you can find all kinds of videos. If you want to learn something, there are “tutorial videos”, many kinds of “funny videos” to pass the time and all kinds of other videos. You can see it here.

Download new games

If you love to play games, you can spend your free time playing new games on the play store. The Play Store adds numerous new games every day, all of which are entertaining to play. Some of these games can be played with friends, while others can be played alone. You can make boring time happy by completing different achievements and levels of the game.

Try the new app

Google Play Store has countless apps in more than 40 categories. You can install and use new apps from the numerous apps available in Play Store. Especially try top-rated and popular apps, maybe you will find your new favorite app.

Read about your favorite topic

What could be more fun than reading about your favorite subject in your free time? Thanks to the internet, one can read numerous articles on any topic of choice. Besides, you can learn a lot of new information by watching videos about your interest on YouTube. You can also enter the Google News app to find out what is happening. Besides, you can also read the writings of others on various topics from sites like Medium and Quora.

Learn a new language or skill

The best use of free time can be by learning a new language or skill. Learning a new language or skill will come in handy in the future.

The modern workspace is skill-centric, making it difficult to predict where skill will come in handy. If you want, you can learn any subject of your choice from YouTube. Besides, you can also get knowledge from platforms like Skillshare or Coursera.

Update social media

We use social media every day but rarely update social media accounts So you can update the information provided on social media or other online accounts in your free time. You can reminisce by finding different pictures or posts that have been posted before. You can also delete or hide any unwanted old posts.

Save the required data to the cloud

Saving your essential data in cloud storage can be a great use of your free time. Along with Google Drive’s 15GB storage, you can use other cloud storage services to store important files, memorable photos, etc.

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