Top-Rated Wired Mechanical Gaming Mouse with Customisable Buttons


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Type: Gaming mouse

Mouse size: rat (≥120mm)

Connection with computer: wired

Optical resolution: 12000 (dpi)

Number of keys: 6 (keys)

Interface: USB

Whether to support ergonomics: support

Adjustable resolution: six gears

Operating distance: 2 (m)

Working method: photoelectric

Product size: 128*70*42mm

Product weight: about 210g



Customer Review

53 reviews

53 reviews for Top-Rated Wired Mechanical Gaming Mouse with Customisable Buttons

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  1. Shay

    Easy to hook up Bluetooth and slides smooth, love my new mouse
  2. zjbdragon

    I’m happy with this purchase!
  3. Malik Bailey

    Very comparable to the Logitech g pro, but I prefer this mouse over the g pro. I have larger hands and it fits well.
  4. Duncan

    very good quality. Only other mouse I can compare it to is the Redragon Centophorous one I got for 11 bucks and that stopped working after a while. this one hasn’t faltered.
  5. Arthwyn Starbringer

    This mouse has no recoil which makes it perfect for playing Call of Duty Warzone. This is due to something in the MOBO that would normally be a defect however for GAMING it becomes a VIRTUE. Even better than others that double or triple their price.

  6. KN-NK

    Recomendado muy rápido y estable 🙂

  8. Juan D.

    Excelentes materiales, muy suave y ligero. Muy buena compra
  9. Lisseth F.

    Utilizo el producto unas 8-10 horas diarias y hasta ahora todo bien, se auto apaga cada 5 minutos para ahorro de energía. Recomiendo descargar la app de SteelSeries en PC para poder cambiarle los botones y el color de la Luz.
  10. Derek

    Good mouse. Nice features on it. Battery last quite a while with the sleep mode.
  11. Emma

    Great product to improve working performance more comfortable
  12. Micah

    Nice look. Customizable lights. The perfect amount of buttons for key binding without being too many to handle. Feels great in the palm. Most importantly, the scroll wheel feels great and accurate. I had to replace my previous mouse because the scroll wheel was terrible.
  13. Erika RomeroErika Romero

    Bonito, no se siente pesado. Los clic son suaves. La aplicación Steel Series para ayudar a personalizar las configuraciones del mouse es muy intuitiva.

  14. Amazon Customer

    My old mouse I use for gaming was very heavy and bulky. This is has made a big difference in my game play. It is lighter and fits hand pretty well.
  15. Amanda Sinfuego

    Super happy, it was affordable and does exactly what it’s supposed to. No more corded mouse for me. Very happy and recommend.

  16. Kpol

    Overall is very good. Quick response, accuracy, light, all are good and I recommend.
  17. Kevin R Foster

    My son loved this mess so happy to have it he claims the click quality is amazing. He loves the feel of the grip and scrolling and comfort. Really good size
  18. JackTorres

    Muy buena calidad y llega hasta 16.000 dpi o más
  19. Cusita


    This mouse is an excellent cheap option if you are looking to get into the gaming life with a low budget
  21. Chris

    This steel series mouse is and honestly that is it zero negatives.
  22. Xavier Storey

    Me and my girlfriend love this mouse as her mads are a bit tiny and mine are bigger. I like to grip the mouse most of the time and it just a little too small but in general it’s still very comfortable.
  23. Amazon Customer

    It has some pretty cool features. Highly recommend
  24. David Castelblanco PeláezDavid Castelblanco Peláez

    Me parece super comodo para el uso tanto de juegos como de oficina. Ya no utiliza el rayo led inferior que tenían anteriormente los mouse. Bastante impresionante la verdad. lo super recomiendo y se nota que los materiales son finos de un teclado mecánico de alta gama.

  25. ChelseaChelsea

    I needed a corded mouse and liked this one so much I bought two of them.

  26. Avihai

    It’s great, good price, works well, my kid loves it
  27. Callie ThorndikeCallie Thorndike

    I purchased this mouse because I had the steel series mouse and was tired of the batteries going out every week or so.I do some heavy computer work and gaming, so this mouse was a better choice.The color options on the steel series software are awesome. I always do a red/white look with my RGB and it has multiple zones to match your color schemes. Functionally, the mouse has acceleration and deceleration options for different types of media/games. It’s a solid and well-priced mouse with minimal/standard button features. 

  28. Damian BDamian B

    I got this mouse as a replacement for my old mouse I’d been using for 5+ years. I was a bit worried about the adjustment to it, but it was easy to get used to.The mouse came packaged securely, and without damage. The overall quality of the mouse is great for the pricepoint. The cord is thick and woven, which is always a nice feature. The mouse fits an average-sized hand well, and makes any kind of gaming or web-browsing a breeze. It was a little slippery at the start. The RGB lighting on the mouse is high-quality, and easily adjustable with the SteelSeries PC app.I would highly recommend this SteelSeries mouse for gaming or any PC use!

  29. poorboy0710

    great product!
  30. Carlos Dreves

    De los mejores mouse inalambricos que he tenido, antes iba siempre por Logitech, pero me sorprendio la calidad del sensor y lo que dura el mouse (prefiero con pilas y comprar recargables). Dura infinito la carga 😀
  31. unknown

    Perfect for my hands. Great price . 2nd time buying
  32. Tural

    I loved it!

  33. DraganDragan

    I would recommend it for the price. this is a great gaming mouse.

  34. Trina

    Works great!!
  35. Abel

    Works really great, I love it
  36. Martín Sánchez

    The mouse works perfect for start gaming
  37. heh

    Great mouse for the price. It lasts me about 1-1.5 years before I have to buy a new one. This is my 3rd since early 2020. For reference, I use it anywhere from 3-13 hours a day. I do not miss days.If you use it less expect it to last you several years.
  38. Bryan

    This is a great travel mouse. It is compact and is easy to pack. It isn’t my favorite mouse for gaming due to its size. I primarily use it for work on the road.
  39. Alexander J. Holland

    I am using this mouse for gaming and it works great
  40. Susanna M.

    Multiple easy to click buttons. Very adjustable! RGB is highly customizable which is fun. Comfortable fit for a female user with medium-sized hands, not too big
  41. JasonJason

    I am new to PC gaming. Already had the steel series, keyboard and pro headset. I was using a wired razor mouse. There was something about it. I didn’t like the wire but I didn’t know the other things that were wrong with it until I used this mouse today. The steel series mouse has a much different feel to it. It has a little bit of weight which I’m now figuring out I needed. It also has this metallic feel and it just feels very sure of itself. It feels like a professional mouse which is how the keyboard feels. And the headset for that matter. But I had no idea this mouse would improve things for me so much. Like I said, it’s a mixture of how it feels the way it fits in your hand. The weight behind it makes me understand how much I’m moving the mouse versus something with no weight. I’m in love with this mouse and my other steel series stuff. I will stick with this company as long as they keep making stuff like this. I didn’t know how much my other mouse was. Annoying me but this thing feels right at home.

  42. Jenny

    its lightweight, and lasts you a looong time. Its also pretty cheap. I would totally recommend this mouse.
  43. Chris mcdougall

    I researched different mouses for larger hands and this one was the one I landed on. It feels great for long gaming sessions. It can be managed with my steelseries software I use for my keyboard which is nice. Colors macros and buttons are all customizable to fit my rgb lighting scheme. Great product all around.
  44. Hayden kiserHayden kiser

    The mouse offers excellent value for its price
  45. Elisangela Defreitas

    Quality is great!
  46. Bob

    Love this mouse. So much so that I bought 2. SteelSeries is a great product and manufacturer. Would buy it again.
  47. Paul S.Paul S.

    This is a great value!!! No complaints at all.
  48. KevinScf

    Me gusta como con el software de Steel series puedo programar todos los botones del mouse y los colores es un software muy completo. La ergonomía es muy buena, el agarre la sensación es inigualable muy recomendado si estas pensando en comprar un mouse para juegos y productividad.
  49. Jim J.

    Very precise, and smooth
  50. Amazon Customer

    This mouse works great
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