Automatic Domino Train Toys: Fun & Educational Building Blocks for Babies & Toddlers


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Simply push the cartridge down onto the domino to load the cartridge.

Put the cartridge on top of the train and turn on the train.

Turn the train hopper to steer left and right.

As the train moves forward, it will place the dominoes in a row.

This product is designed to develop children’s imagination, hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition


Product Information: 

Material: Plastic/plastic

Packing: Color box

Wooden block type: Domino

3C configuration category: Plastic toys under 14 years of age

Domino type: Automatic dealing dominoes

1 set: 100 dominoes, 5 packs+card storage box (random color, excluding small trains)


Packing list:

Toy train*1



Customer Review

47 reviews

47 reviews for Automatic Domino Train Toys: Fun & Educational Building Blocks for Babies & Toddlers

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  1. Customer

    works most of the time, kid happy for a few days, it did its job.
  2. Curtis Cole

    This is really cool! It stands all the dominoes up for you. Its so cool to watch it go and my kids love knocking them over at the end. Its a great Montessori toy. Love the color pallete they chose. subdued and not cheap looking. Its a great toy!
  3. Jessica Davidson

    This domino train is fun to play with. It easily lays out the domino for a domino effect when knocked down.
  4. Jennifer

    Such a cute idea. My 4 year old is obsessed with this.
  5. Las

    Easy to load. Works great!All good to say about this cute toy.
  6. Rachel Zambrano

    My son loves this toy!
  7. DM

    My grandson loves this. Is there anywhere to buy more dominos and or domino trays so that we can have 4 trays loaded up and ready to go at a time? He wants longer routes!!!
  8. joey

    Kids 6 and 3, love this! They play with it together and play with it for a lengthy time!
  9. Abe

    Product delivered on time and in great shape.
  10. paula dougherty

    Great toy to teach dexterity and patience. My grandson loved it
  11. Nelle

    Our 2 yr old grandson loves trains and this train did the trick. Very well made and entertaining. Highly recommend.
  12. FamFirstMarketing

    An absolute favorite. My only wish is that it had more domino towers so you can go one right after another. Really cool toy!
  13. Abeer

    Really the kids like it very much.
  14. Momlife.nj

    A bit noisy but sooo fun
  15. Romina Nayak

    This is so much fun for the kids and the adults in the house.
  16. Lorelai

    Absolutely Adorable
  17. Jennifer

    My son is so in love with this train ! 🙂 down to how easy it is for him to set up on his own and hes 4 years old ! and to put away pleaseeee they have a mesh bag so perfect ! and i love how the sounds on the train ARE NOT annoying or TOO LOUD !10/10
  18. Neese

    My 3,5,7 year olds love this toy!! Sets them up perfect!!

    This was so much fun. the entire family was sitting dominoes up!!
  20. Alam

    The grandchildren are delighted to have this, had a blast with it, and it’s so easy to use. Seeing them having so much fun.
  21. Me

    Fun for the kids on a rainy day.
  22. Mizar Turdiu

    My 2 & 3.5 year old grandsons love this! They do get a wee bit impatient as we adults sit and load the dispenser. GREAT TOY!
  23. Angela Miller

    Great toy! The kids got a kick out of it and wanted to keep playing it over and over! Lots of fun!
  24. InsaneJane53

    Was quite a hit with my Grandkids. So fun.
  25. Gayle M.

    They were so excited to get this, and was easy for them to use. Good buy!!!
  26. Karen WB

    My grandson enjoyed playing with this product.
  27. Zahi

    Kids love it
  28. Warren Kenyon

    This is an amazing toy!
  29. Barbara Swanson

    I bought this as a gift for a four year old friend. Both he (and his father) loved it! It helps with fine motor skills and pattern development and it’s fun!
  30. Debbie

    I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this as a gift for my grandson. I was pleasantly surprised! It is very cute gift and works great! I would recommend
  31. Amazon Customer

    My kiddo LOVES her domino train. She is a do things herself kinda kid and can load the dominos all on her own.
  32. Sara Karkosza

    Our son loves trains. We got this for him and he plays with this daily. He loves to knock the dominos over and watch them all line up

  33. J

    We love playing with these with our 4 year old. All he wants to do is play with dominoes. I love that each color is packed in it own plastic. Definitely recommend.
  34. Anai Smith

    My kiddos love this. Works great and super entertaining!
  35. Liliana Mihok

    Super fun for any toddler from ages 16 months and older. Color and appearance are just as described. Worth the price!
  36. Amazon Customer

    The kids loved this and fought over who would go next! Works well and the colors are fun.
  37. Mak

    My nephew LOVED it!
  38. KKRKKR

    This is an amazing presents for a child obsessed with dominos. It is perfect for age 2-5 year old.Quality of trains and dominos is good. Train is sturdy .I really like the way they provide three different colors of Dominos. It inclines kids more interested to ward making patterns during stacking .Stacking is bit a hard part for younger kids but with practice and parent’s patience kids will learn it. Train sound make it more realistic. You can see in video as well.Meanwhile, it perfect gift for age group 2-5.

  39. LoveIsMe

    Easy to use and long lasting play. The kids love it.
  40. Brittany

    My son loved it so cute and works well
  41. Kristina CowenKristina Cowen

    My 3 year old grandson LOVES this train!! I would definitely recommend this for any young child that loves blocks and trains!!

  42. T. Craig

    Ordered the pink one for my granddaughter. She loved it and plays with it all the time. Her older siblings enjoy it too.
  43. A Life In Focus

    The grandkids love this, they take turns making a pattern and can’t wait to knock it down. Best toy.
  44. Tyler Schwecke

    Perfect gift for my toddlers. It’s easy for them to put the dominoes in and they love watching the train drop them. Definitely recommend.
  45. Amazon Customer

    it was perfect
  46. Christy

    So interesting to watch…Keeps kids entertained for hours
  47. Brittany

    Such a fun toy! My 3 year old could play with this for hours.
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