Top free cloud storage services

top free cloud storage services…

The present time is the era of cloud computing, and everything is now relying on the cloud. As a result, people are currently giving priority to cloud storage for storing files. Cloud storage services are gaining popularity nowadays due to reliability, low cost, and anytime access from anywhere.

Cloud Storage is a way of storing data online instead of on your local computer. It requires an internet connection in order to upload, modify, and share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, audio, video, etc. with others. Online storage service providers don’t store any data on the hard disk of your PC, unlike traditional file storage. Cloud storage tools help you to access your data from any device, which makes it easy to stay organized and productive.

Just as you will get extra services for a fee, almost all companies are offering a certain amount of cloud storage for free personal use. But which one should you choose among dozens of cloud storage services? Let’s know about top free cloud storage services:

Google Drive

top free cloud storage services google drive cloud

Google Drive was launched on April 24, 2012. If you are using various services of Google regularly, then this will be the best option for you. Also in stock Android, you get “Google Drive” as a cloud storage drive by default. The Google Drive service is also available through Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and desktop apps. Its web version also offers a fairly good user experience. If you log in as a new user, you will get 15 GB of cloud storage for free.

Good points:

  • Works with all Google services.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Free 15 GB storage.
  • Premium plans cost less.


  • Free space cannot be increased through referrals.
  • Drag and drop file upload is for Google Chrome browser only.


top free cloud storage services mega drive cloud

Mega is a New Zealand-based cloud storage company. It was launched in 2013. Many people don’t know it because it is not that popular. Mega offers 50 GB of free user storage. Mega provides maximum security for your files. It uses end-to-end encryption technology for file uploads and downloads so that no one but you can see your files. Not even mega developers.

Good points:

  • 50 GB free storage facility.
  • Security of user files through end-to-end encryption technology.
  • There are clients for all devices and mobiles.
  • Upgrade for less
  • Many upgrade plans.


  • There is no chance to increase the free space.
  • There is no option to upload via drag and drop.


top free cloud storage services one drive cloud

If you are a fan of Microsoft, you must try it. In fact, Microsoft’s cloud storage service is available as a default cloud drive on Windows PCs and some mobile phones. You can easily sync files from your desktop to your OneDrive storage, making it easy to access your files from anywhere. Moreover, if you use Microsoft’s Office suite, you can save your documents and access or edit them from any device.

OneDrive can be used on almost all devices including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Its web version also works very well. It will give you free 5 GB storage at the beginning. You will get free storage up to 10GB by referring. You can increase your storage for a fee.

Good points:

  • There are apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices.
  • 5 GB of free storage is available.
  • Easily syncs with MyFrosoft accounts.


  • No file encryption.
  • Premium plans cost more.


top free cloud storage services dropbox cloud

It is also a very popular and very reliable cloud storage service. It has apps for all platforms, mobile and computer. Dropbox Cloud Storage also works well in the web version. Its best feature is its fresh user interface. But in Dropbox, you will get only 2GB of free storage. Also, you can refer your friends and get 500MB of free storage up to 16GB maximum.

Good points:

  •  There are Dropbox apps for Windows Phone, Mac, Android, and iPhone for all divas.
  • Files can be uploaded and shared very easily.
  •  It is possible to increase the free storage limit up to 16 GB through referral.


  • The free account does not have file-sharing permission.
  • Only 30 days free trial period.
  • Links to shared files sometimes don’t work.


top free cloud storage services mediafire cloud

Mediafire is quite popular for file sharing. You can also store files larger than 4 GB in MediaFire. You get free 10 GB cloud storage just by signing up. The most interesting aspect of this is that you can own another 40 GB of cloud storage just by referring to and following their social networks without paying anything. If you want, there is an opportunity to increase the maximum fee.

Good points:

  • 10 GB free file hosting.
  • It is possible to increase the free hosting up to 50 GB.
  • Available for all browsers, mobile, and other devices.
  • The price of the upgraded plan is much lower.


  • Free accounts cannot upload files larger than 200 MB.
  • Show ads on a free account

Amazon Cloud Drive

top free cloud storage services amazon cloud

Although a well-known name in other cloud services, the tech giant Amazon is not far ahead when it comes to cloud storage. But still, they are offering some good features to their drive users. You get free 5GB storage right away with Amazon Cloud signup. Also, there is an opportunity to increase storage through various annual plans.

Yandex Disk

top free cloud storage services yandex disk cloud

Yandex Cloud is competing well against the Russian tech giant in cloud computing. You will get 10 GB of free cloud storage by signing up on the Yandex site. Even if you don’t like it, there is an opportunity to increase it with money. In their drive, you can open and edit any Office document without downloading. In addition, you can save any file directly from the Internet to Yandex Drive using various plugins. It also has the convenience of apps for all platforms.


top free cloud storage services pcloud storage

This name may sound new to you. But in recent times PCloud has gained a lot of popularity with its low-cost lifetime cloud storage. PCloud will initially give you 10 GB of free storage. You can increase it further with the help of referrals if you want. But you can buy 500GB for $175 and 2TB lifetime storage for $350.

It’s a deal-maker for many. Besides, there are other plans. Moreover, since there is no file size limit and you get 50 GB bandwidth per month, it will be good for those who share a lot. The PCloud app and web version are available for almost all platforms.

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