‘iPhone 16’ brings new surprises

‘iPhone 16’ brings new surprises…

Apple has finally announced the new version of iOS ‘iPhone 16’ for the iPhone. In addition to which iPhone will support iOS 16, you can know more about the new features of ‘iPhone 16’ in this post. So let’s know the details about the new features of ‘iPhone 16’.

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Lock screen customization

Apple has finally added the feature of lock screen customization to the iPhone operating system. The new lock screen includes widgets, a new notification experience, and live widgets. A user can customize the lock screen with a long press. In addition to various templates, users can create their own collections.

Although there is no lock screen customization feature in iOS so far, iOS 16 has taken a step ahead of all mobile devices in lock screen customization.


Focus Filter takes iOS‘s focus feature to another level. You can use Focus filters to organize your iPhone’s Safari, Calendar, and Communication apps according to your needs. You can activate Focus mode directly from the lock screen. For example, if you have two Focus profiles, one for work and one for home, you can set different app settings for each profile. The focus filter will work from the lock screen to the home screen and supported apps too.

Notification Center

Apple has updated the Notification Center in iOS 16. Apple has updated the notification system in iOS 16. App notifications will now be bundled at the bottom of the lock screen, instead of being displayed across the entire screen. Developers can use the new notification system to create live activities, such as live sports scores, stock tickers, and weather updates. This can be done with the help of the Live Activities API. This will make notifications interactive and useful in real-time.


Apple has added three new features to the Messages app. In iOS 16, you can edit or unsend sent messages within 15 minutes of sending them. You can also mark messages as unread if you want to read them later.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

A maximum of 5 people can contribute to the same library in the new separate iCloud library. Users can also view the shared photo library in their memories and featured photos. Let’s say that everyone has taken pictures in a family event, now sending all the pictures to everyone again and again is quite a troublesome task. I’m still learning to create images so I can’t help you with that yet.

Live text

Users can now pause and detect text in videos using Live Text. Developers can also add this feature to their own apps by using the Live Text API. Apple has improved the visual look-up feature to better separate different animals from images. Users can now drag and drop these animals into messages as stickers.


The email scheduling option has arrived in iOS 16. You can cancel an email before sending it. From now on, the Mail app will notify the user about missing elements in a mail.

Apple Wallet

Apple has added the Pay Later and Order Tracking feature to the Wallet app on iOS 16. Users can now make purchases in installments without any interest through the Pay Letter feature. Apple has also extended Key and ID support and improved privacy features.


In iOS 16, users can use SharePlay directly from the Messages app. This means that they can enjoy content in sync with friends and family through SharePlay within Messages.


iOS 16 introduces the new Dictation feature, the feature is basically a real-time voice typing feature. There is an opportunity to combine typing and dictating from now on.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps has recently rolled out to 11 more countries. This map has 3D visuals as well as features like transit, multistop routing, etc. Apple makes these features available to developers through MapKit. They have also added a 360-degree view in many places to get a better idea about a location.

Apple Health

The new Medications tab in the Apple Health app lets you set daily medications and when to take them, which will provide timely reminders. Even this reminder notification will be available through Apple Watch. You can add drug data by scanning the bottle label or typing it manually. Additionally, you can also share this data with family members.

Parental Controls

iOS 16 improves parental controls. In addition, you can easily control and set up children’s Apple devices in iOS 16. For example, you can easily control children’s screen time without going into settings. Also, children’s devices can now be set up easily. Finally, you can easily set up parental controls by bringing the iPad to your iPhone.

Safety check

A new feature called Safety Check has arrived in iOS 16 that will help victims of domestic abuse and violence. Using Safety Check, you can decide to remove location sharing and message access from abusive family members.


Apple redesigned the Home app to support the upcoming Matter standard, allowing users to view their entire home in a single feed.

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Handoff Facetime calls

While talking to someone on FaceTime on the phone, holding the phone close to any iPad or MacBook can transfer the call to the big screen in iOS 16.


All iPhone users will be able to use the fitness app, meaning that an Apple Watch is no longer needed to use the fitness app.

Apple News

The My Sports section has been added to the Apple News app to bring together news about favorite teams and players in one place. Besides, scores, schedules, standings, and highlights can be seen from the News app.

Quick Notes

iPad’s Quick Notes feature is coming to iPhone with iOS 16. Quick notes can be created from any screen by swiping to the bottom right corner.


Apple is teaming up with car manufacturers to develop a new CarPlay experience. This will result in a customizable odometer, all facet controls of the car, and a unified interface. It is reported that the first car with these facilities will be released in 2023.


The Door Detection feature arrived in iOS 16 through which people who are blind or have low vision can use their iPhone to see the surrounding area. Again, Apple Watch can be controlled from iPhone through Apple Watch Mirroring.

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