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How to buy a used computer safely


how to buy a used computer safely…

Along with buying a new computer, buying a used computer is no longer uncommon. There is now a huge demand for used computers all over the world as they are available at relatively low prices. However, there are some key points to keep in mind when buying a used computer. Let’s find out 7 ways, through which your money will be protected in How to buy a used computer safely.

Buy from someone you trust or know

Try to buy from someone you know, whether it’s a computer dealer or a regular person. If you buy a used computer from a trusted company, you can approach them if there is any problem with the purchased computer.

And if you’re going to buy a used computer from someone, make sure they’re available for purchase. However, it is safer to buy used products from an organization than from an individual. Because they never want customers to have a negative impression of their company. The institutions always maintain respect and positivity in that case.

Understand your needs

Not all computers are the same. Computers are designed for different uses, depending on their type. Suppose, you usually use Microsoft Office programs. In that case, an expensive gaming computer will not be of any use to you. Suppose again, you want to do computer graphics designing. In that case, you have to choose the computer according to your needs. Before buying a new or used computer it is always important to do a little research on what you need and which one will be able to meet your needs.

Check the difference

Used computers will naturally cost less than similar new computers – we all know that. However, the unusual depreciation of the computer you are going to buy is suspicious. Before buying a computer, make sure to know its exact price from the internet. Also, be sure to find out from the person you are buying from where they got or bought the computer from.

Hardware condition

The main fact in How to buy a used computer safely is hardware condition. When buying a new computer, you don’t have to think much about the condition of the hardware. New things are not spoiled or bad, so they can be used. But when you have to buy an old PC or laptop, you must check all the internal and external aspects of it. Generally, people sell old computers for two reasons either when there is a problem with the computer or to buy a new computer. Now when you go to buy a used computer you must check the current condition of the hardware.

In particular, check whether all the parts of the motherboard are in order. If the RAM is very old, it is better not to take it, as it may have problems. If the hardware performance is not right, the performance of the computer has to be in trouble many times. Remember never to buy any parts which are not available in the market. If any parts are damaged, you may have trouble buying the computer.


Many people buy old things to get good things at low prices. For example, in the current market, you need to spend 60 thousand or more to buy a mid-level laptop. But if you buy the same laptop used by someone, you will get it within 50 thousand. However, the quality of each computer depends on its configuration. That is, the better the configuration of the computer better the user experience.

Many variations of used computer hardware are available today. Among them, you have to buy an old computer considering speed and compatibility performance. Generally, the PC or laptop configuration depends on your usage requirements. Remember that not all computers are the same. Computers are designed for different applications, depending on their type.

For example, if you usually want to use Microsoft Office programs, an expensive gaming computer will not be of any use to you. Again, if you are doing graphics designing, gaming, or video editing on your computer, you must get a high-configuration PC or laptop. Before buying a new or used computer, you should always do some research and choose the configuration of the computer-based on what you need and what will be able to meet your needs.

Computer Performance

Do not think that a computer will only be very fast if it has new and more expensive hardware. When you buy a new computer from any store, you will find hardware and software compatibility as usual. But when you buy spare parts and build your own PC or buy a used computer, you often have to worry about compatibility. As currently, all motherboards support DDR4 RAM. You cannot use DDR3 RAM there. Now when buying spare parts if you buy DDR3 RAM for a DDR4 motherboard it won’t work. Similarly, computer performance is based on hardware and software compatibility. 

This matter should be given more importance when buying an old PC or laptop. Especially before buying an old PC or laptop, definitely check it out. It will give a good and clear idea about the performance of the computer. Apart from this, you can get an idea about whether the performance can be increased by installing new parts such as RAM, SSD, and other parts.

Check battery life in case of a laptop

Some decide to sell their laptops because their batteries are not working properly. Before buying a used laptop, keep in mind whether the laptop battery is working properly. People use laptops because they are easy to carry. So it is important to make sure that the used laptop you buy can provide you with the battery backup you expect.

Try it yourself

Whether it’s a computer or any other electronic product, before buying, try the product yourself at least once. Just a 30-minute drive will give you an overall idea of ​​the product you are going to buy.

Ask for a refund

If you have purchased a computer from someone, it is unwise to think of returning the product for a refund later. If you are buying a used computer from a company, then check whether the company offers the facility of replacement or refund of the purchased product within a certain period.

Get help from the experts

Almost all of us have (at least) one friend who is experienced with information technology. It is very useful to have an experienced friend help you while buying a used computer. So, take the help of your experienced friend while buying a used computer.

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