How to become a programmer without a degree

How to become a programmer without a degree …

First of all, it is better to say that there is more demand for computer programmers than for computer science graduates in the world. So many companies are going beyond the traditional process of hiring computer degree graduates and hiring programmers who don’t have a computer science degree but have the skills. However, most companies still prefer computer science degrees when hiring new programmers.

A computer science degree is still the best way to become a good computer programmer, but this rule is becoming outdated. The skills of programmers learned from the Internet are not inferior to those of degreed programmers in many cases. However, a degree in computer science can definitely be an important thing if you want to make a career in programming Being a programmer will make the journey easier by studying computer science, but it is also possible to become a programmer through online certification or self-taught programming knowledge.

Now the question is How to become a programmer without a degree. I will try to answer that question in this post.

How to become a programmer without a degree

Any job board on the internet will show you that there is a huge demand for jobs related to programming. Many companies hire permanent workers or freelancers over the Internet for small to large jobs. Before working as a programmer you need to learn programming. Before learning programming, you need to decide what kind of programmer you want to be. Only then will it be easy to tailor your career based on your knowledge.

Computer programmers write software codes. This software can be a web app or a mobile game. To be a good programmer one must try to learn every subject seriously. Since troubleshooting is an integral part of programming, one must know how to solve program problems along with creating programs.

Again if you want to design or build websites, then you can decide to become a web designer/developer. The demand for web developers is also high nowadays. In these two careers, the programmer’s options are not over. You can become a mobile app developer, analyst, or even a systems engineer if you want.

After deciding what kind of programmer you want to be, it’s time to acquire the programming knowledge you need in your chosen field. Along with learning, try to add online certifications, which will serve as reminders of your expertise in various fields.

Keeping the online certificate aside, knowing the programming language is mandatory to become a programmer. You can learn programming at home through online courses, YouTube videos, reading books, etc. After mastering a programming language, you can acquire new programming skills and learn new programming languages ​​to expand your skill set.

Develop problem-solving skills

how to become a programmer without a degree Problem solving skills should be enhanced

This is quite difficult to do. Enhancing problem-solving skills actually means ‘increasing your intelligence’.

And the way to do this is to regularly solve difficult difficult problems. Again, not so difficult that despair comes and fills. If you are faced with a problem that is a little harder than your ability, you can use your brain. If you always solve simple problems, you will see that you are not making mistakes, but your brain will be a match for those simple problems. You can use your brain to solve problems that are a little harder than your ability.

That is why it is best to check the level of problems regularly in online jazz and solve them. Divide the whole problem into small parts and solve it one by one. We can give an example of a large table in a house with a small door in this case. Ask to buy a huge gorgeous table and put it in the drawing room on the second floor of your house. It turned out that the door was much smaller than the table. In that case, the only thing left to do is to carefully cut the table and fit the pieces back together. We should break down problems in this way, solve them, and then put them together.

Learn from failure

It is not found in everyone’s life. There are failures. Even as many successful people as I see. They too have a story of failure in their lives. Everyone knows that success will come only if you push yourself forward by learning from failure or mistakes. But not everyone knows how to do this! Be self-critical, talk to yourself. Tell the nafs (mind or heart) to be careful about your mistakes, and appreciate yourself for the good points. Just stick to it, no matter what you do, success will come!

Must take motivation

how to become a programmer without a degree must take motivation

Programming contests will greatly enhance your programming skills. You can’t imagine how much your skills are pushed after each contest! Yes, many will tell you that in real life software development does not require this problem-solving. Indeed so! If you’re very lucky, you might be able to implement the data structure algorithms you’ve learned in 5-10% of your company’s projects. Or use your contest skills. Because the contest area is different from the real world. 

But competing will improve your skills as much as it is difficult to achieve in other ways. Consider this: Just because we are taught math at a young age does not mean we all have to be mathematicians. The same is true for poetry and essay writing. We are taught these subjects so that we can develop critical thinking skills and be able to analyze information effectively. The reason for teaching writing is so that you can express your thoughts about anything in a beautiful way. Programming contests are the same. It will help you build your future.

You can only participate in contests if you treat them as games. If you get the same joy you did when you played cricket in the afternoons as a child, then contests are for you! However, if you think, “So-and-so brother participated in contests and now has a big job in such-and-such a place,” then you are not participating in contests for the right reasons. I will also contest” then it does not seem possible to advance very far. There are many good programmers besides the contest. Do not force anyone to participate in contests if they are not interested. Love cannot be forced.

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