What is GPS? GPS how it works?


What is GPS? GPS how it works?…

Go to a new area and don’t you know anything? No problem, there are online mapping services to help you. Google Maps is telling from the situation of the surrounding environment to the distance of the specific destination and the condition of the traffic jam.

Whether it’s Google Maps, Apple Maps, other mapping services, or the current Pathao or Uber, whether you call it a success or your convenience, there’s a magical technology behind everything. And that’s the Global Positioning System, or GPS for short, without which you might have Google Maps – but you wouldn’t know exactly where you are. Or even with Uber or Patha, the driver might take hours to find you.

To many, the word “Global Positioning System” seems unfamiliar, but after saying “GPS”, I hope it does not seem unfamiliar to anyone. Almost all mobile phones now display “location” instead of GPS. And thanks to the new curriculum, even secondary school students should have an idea of ​​what GPS is.

But very few people know how GPS works. But I can guarantee that there are very few people who are not curious. Have you ever wondered how GPS works? I intend to please you with this post.

What is GPS?

Whether you judge the quality of the name or not, GPS is really a wonderful system. At least 24 artificial satellites are placed in Earth’s orbit to make up this system. There are 3 more satellites as backups — you don’t know what will happen when in deep space. However, according to some estimates, there are a total of 32 satellites in GPS.

The artificial satellites of GPS are not located together. The entire network has been designed to ensure that at least four satellites are always within range of any user on Earth. This is achieved by placing the satellites at equal distances around the Earth at an altitude of about 12,000 miles. This ensures that all the satellites can send signals to every part of the Earth.

History of GPA

The main inventor of GPS is the US military. In the 1960s the US Navy operated an early GPS system powered by transit satellites. However, the main activities of GPS started around 1964. The U.S. Navy uses GPS to transmit location information to submarines and other vessels. Later, people widely used GPS to accurately launch missiles.

Later in 1983, when a US civilian aircraft accidentally flew into Russian territory and Russia attacked and destroyed the civilian aircraft, US President Ronald Reagan authorized the military to use this technology in all civilian aircraft.

In 1995, the US launched GPS for public use. However, the technology was not that accurate at the time. Later, between 2005 and 2015, the US Air Force launched about 50 GPS satellites. This is why today’s GPS technology is so powerful. which is able to determine your location anywhere in the world.

How does GPS work?

The GPS satellite system consists of a total of 32 satellites. Which is located 13 thousand miles above the earth’s surface and is orbiting the earth at a speed of 14000 km/h. And meanwhile, these satellites are transmitting some signals to us 24 hours a day and night.

The GPS “chip” in your mobile phone is the GPS signal receiver. It can pick up “signals” transmitted from GPS satellites. This “chip” cannot transmit any information or send it to the satellite.

The ability to pick up that signal is in the GPS chip that’s in your smartphone or car tracker. Nowadays, people embed GPS chips in smartwatches and key rings.

Atomic clocks on GPS satellites provide very precise timings day after day. You have a watch on your phone. The signals sent by satellites consist mainly of the time it takes to transmit the signal. Calculates the actual distance between the satellite and the phone from the time your phone’s signal is generated and the time the signal is received. Gps determines your location from this distance.

Your phone’s GPS chip determines its distance from 3-4 GPS satellites at once. Your phone typically uses signals from three GPS satellites to determine your location. So, the more satellite signals you get, the more accurate your location will be. This system works best under the open sky, as satellite signals are much easier to receive.

What is GPS used for?

Amazing discoveries of famous scientists have made our life easier day by day. One of the inventions is GPS. Which is constantly being used in our various important works.

  • GPS plays a very important role in dealing with any kind of natural disaster. Through this, we can know about the weather forecast and can take action accordingly.
  • Every day, thousands of airplanes are flying across the country. The thing that works behind these planes, the planes landing at the right place at the right time, is this GPS. This GPS also works perfectly to bomb the base from enemy fighter jets.
  • How can ships so easily cross the vast seas to reach their proper destination? This GPS guides them to the right destination.
  • Because of GPS these days criminals can’t get away with crimes. Currently, this GPS is playing an important role in catching criminals.
  • To keep an eye on loved ones, when traveling from one place to another unknown place, we can see the correct route, journey time, and even the movement of traffic through this GPS.
  • If a mobile, bike, car, or any valuable device is stolen or lost, we recover it by tracking the location through GPS Anti-theft Device.
  • Today’s smartphones and smartwatches can track our physical activities through GPS technology. For example, how many steps did you walk, how far did you walk, how long did you sleep, we can now know through GPS.

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