Gmail comes with new features 2022

Gmail comes with new features 2022…

At one time letters were the best means of communication. But times have changed today. That era of letters is now a thing of the past. Technology has brought its touch in the way of exchanging messages and has now brought the era of cyber letters. This is what we call e-mail.

Nowadays Gmail is a very important thing. People who use the internet, have to send or receive numerous letters every day. Gmail is a very popular name among email users due to its various benefits. However, despite using Gmail, most of the users are not aware of its various features.

People have been talking about Gmail’s new interface for a long time. Gmail’s new interface is finally coming for all users. With this redesign, Meet, Chat, and Spaces, these features have moved to the same place. These are basically part of Google’s Material Design 3.

The news of the update does not end here. Google also said that improved emoji support, new features for tablet users and more accessibility features, and other upgrades are coming to Gmail. Google will be rolling out some more changes and new features in Gmail very soon.

If you use Gmail at work, the new interface should have already arrived in your account. However, if a user does not like this new change, there is an option to use the previous interface for now.

The new feature will be activated even if the Chat feature is not enabled. However, if you don’t use any app in Gmail’s default view, you can turn it on or off through the Quick Settings menu.

Gmail comes with new features interface

gmail comes with new features gmail update

If you don’t like Gmail’s new interface and want to go back to using the previous interface, follow the instructions below:

  • Log into Gmail and select the Settings icon at the top right
  • Select Go back to the original Gmail view option from Quick Settings
  • Click on Reload option in the new window

In the updated Gmail user interface, the Mail, Meet, Spaces, and Chat buttons have been brought to the same list at the top left. That is, you don’t have to select one by one from the conversation list as before. But apart from seeing everything on the screen at the same time, there are options for easy access. You can quickly jump from any section to a conversation in the new interface.

The aforementioned changes come as part of Google’s new Workspace suite. Docs, Sheets, etc. web apps are also going to undergo similar changes. These new changes will bring a more unified style and new AI-powered features to Gmail, like search improvements.

Google is improving Gmail’s search results feature to make it easier to find a specific contact. Google said in a blog post that the new “personalized suggestions” feature is coming along with intent matching for names and email addresses.

A machine learning tool will help users find topics related to their search through the intent-matching feature. By narrowing down search results, users can easily find the contact, email, or file they are looking for.

According to Google, users who update to the new Gmail layout will be able to see the same email list and label options starting Wednesday, February 2. Google announced this change of workspace in 2021. One of those features was the facility of one-on-one calling by a user with others, which would not require a Google Meet link.

For those users who haven’t made the switch yet to test out Gmail’s new layout, don’t panic. This switching option is available till April. According to Google, until the second quarter of 2022, this look is being rolled out, and users will be given the opportunity to revert from the new layout to the old layout.

gmail comes with new features gmail update 2

Search engine giant Google has also published a category-wise list of those who can use this upcoming update of Gmail. That list includes Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, Frontline, Nonprofit, G Suite Basic, and Business customers and non-Google Workspace Essentials customers.

As part of the new design, users can visualize rounded edges and a transparent background (custom wallpaper). But many users may not like this new Gmail design. And that’s why Google is also giving customers the option to go back to the old settings. In January this year, Google announced a new Gmail design change. At that time, it was announced that the new design will be effective for everyone in Gmail. There will be no option to go back to the old look and design.’

Gmail’s new lookover has two panels on the far left – one with small buttons for Mail and Meet. Other panels include Inbox, Start, Spam, and more. A dedicated chat button was included by Google on the previous panel but that was not done. But when we go to enable it, it reverts to the old design. The new panel now features notification bubbles, just like the ones on the iPhone. But there seems to be no option to hide this bubble.

Have you received the new update on Gmail? How do you feel?

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