Best wallpaper apps and websites

Best wallpaper apps and websites…

Looking for home screen wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper for your favorite mobile and computer? Although downloading wallpapers may seem like a hassle, there are many apps and websites that make it easy to do so.

Wallpaper gives a unique look to our phone or PC. We spend a lot of time using our phones during the day, which causes wallpaper to fall on our eyes countless times. You can use specific apps and websites for wallpaper download without roaming here and there on the internet. The same applies to computers.

Various websites make it very easy to download mobile and desktop wallpapers. You can find your favorite wallpaper from so many apps and websites to download it.

Let’s know in detail about the Best wallpaper apps and websites:

Wallpaper download website

The Resplash app is a wallpaper library that makes it easy to find and download high-quality images from Unsplash. The app features over a million hand-picked wallpapers, all of which are free to use. No matter what you search for in the Resplash app, you can download wallpapers related to it. The user interface of the app looks very nice and the different wallpapers are very easy to navigate. Also, you can customize the layout of the app as you wish.

The Resplash app looks great on any kind of mobile screen with an AMOLED dark theme. The app also has a feature called “Auto Wallpaper” that refreshes the home screen wallpaper based on the user’s preferences.

The Resplash app collects wallpapers from Unsplash, so Android and iPhone wallpapers can also be downloaded from the website. On the Unsplash site, you can also download wallpapers for computers.

Another popular site to download wallpapers for a computer or any mobile device is from where you can download different wallpapers anytime.

Google Wallpapers

google wellpapers best wallpaper apps

Google Pixel and Google Wallpapers About 5 years ago, Google released its own wallpaper app at the same time. Starting from satellite images, you will get all types of images in this app from where you can choose your favorite wallpaper.

You can choose your favorite category from the landscape, cityscape, geometric shapes, etc. category in the Google Wallpapers app. The Resplash app also has a feature where one wallpaper from each category is displayed in one place.


Pinterest wellpaper best wallpaper apps

Pinterest is a great website to download wallpapers. They offer wallpapers of almost any type and on any subject. Despite being an image-based social media platform, Pinterest has numerous user-uploaded wallpapers. Using the Pinterest app, you can easily download any image or wallpaper from Pinterest. Especially for iPhone users, using Pinterest will help you find wallpapers.



zedge wellpaper best wallpaper apps

Zedge app is the ultimate tool for customizing Android mobiles. The app allows users to download phone ringtones and alarm tones from wallpapers. Also using the website, can enjoy almost the same benefits as the app. The app will feature numerous backgrounds, live wallpapers, stickers, ringtones, alarm tones, etc. In addition to Android, the Jez app is also available on the iOS platform.


Walli 4K Wallpapers

Walli 4K Wallpapers best wallpaper apps

Wally app has countless unique and beautiful-looking wallpapers for Android phones. They share a portion of their revenue with graphic artists.

The Wally app divides its home interface into four sections: Categories, Recent, Popular, and Featured. This featured section contains wallpapers recommended and curated by the Wally team. 

Wally app has numerous categories to browse through to find new wallpapers of your choice. Each category has Recent and Popular sections. By signing up, you can keep app information updated in the same way on multiple devices.


Tapet Wallpapers

Tapet Wallpapers best wallpaper apps

Tapet is an amazing wallpaper app that can give a new dimension to the look of your Android device. They create wallpapers with the help of an algorithm instead of downloading from different sources.

The Tapet app allows you to program new wallpapers to be set automatically on a daily or hourly basis. Wallpapers created with this app look good on any type of screen. The Tapet app stores the history of when a wallpaper has been set.


Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 

Wallpaper download app with over 2 million positive reviews, Backgrounds HD (wallpapers). More than 100 million people have downloaded the app from the Play Store. It is simply the best among free wallpaper apps.

The app has more than 30 categories from which users can pick their favorite wallpapers. Before setting the wallpaper, wallpaper crop, filter, and different wallpaper modes are available in the app.

Users can store their favorite wallpapers in the Favorites tab of the app. There is also a History tab from where you can know about previously applied wallpapers.


Backdrops – Wallpapers

Another great wallpaper download app for Android is Backdrops – Wallpapers. This app contains numerous original wallpapers, created by the Backdrops team.

Backdrops app has wallpapers arranged in categories such as Abstract, Earth, Geometric Shapes, Patterns, Photography, Food, Travel, etc. Users can add wallpapers to their favorites while downloading them. Signing in to it saves the progress of the app across devices.

The Tapet app features the best new wallpapers daily in the “Wall of the Day” section. On the other hand, the Pro version does not have any kind of ads. The app also has various in-app purchase options.


Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper literally puts popular art pieces on your mobile screen. The app has the feature of automatically changing the wallpaper every hour. The Tapet app also allows users to blur the wallpaper so that the icons on the screen can be seen clearly.

Users can set wallpapers from their mobile gallery or other apps using Muse. Since the app is free and open source, developers often add different types of content to it. The app also has Android Wear support.



Abstruct is the best wallpaper download app created by Hampus Olsson. For those who don’t know, the person who created this app has also created official wallpapers for all OnePlus phones. Therefore, you can definitely check the quality of the wallpapers in the app.

The app has more than 300+ wallpapers. The app offers 4K resolution wallpapers that can be downloaded for any mobile screen. The wallpapers look amazing. Four out of the eight collections in the app are locked, and they can be unlocked by spending around $2.


Amoled Pix Wallpaper

Amoled Pix App is made with more than 10 thousand artworks for users. Deep black wallpaper for AMOLED screens is the main goal of the app. The app arranges its wallpapers into categories such as anime, architecture, poetry, cars, and more. After selecting a wallpaper, more wallpapers will be available based on the different colors in that wallpaper. There is a premium version of the app, which has no ads and more collections.


Stockie Wallpaper

Stocky is a wallpaper download app made up of stock wallpapers that come with different brands of phones. After selecting an image in the app, you can customize attributes like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, blur level, RGB makeup, etc. That is, the app has the opportunity to customize your wallpaper. 

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